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Medical Practice 
Business Plan Workbook 

The Third Edition of Medical Practice Business Plan Workbook is officially published and now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, (really!) and other booksellers. First published by McGraw Hill in 1999, the book has been substantially revised and new material added to help physician practices face the challenges of the healthcare industry in the 21st century - the Affordable Care Act, ever increasing pressure on healthcare costs and prices, and a focus on quality of care, needless services and outcomes. 

The Workbook is published by CRC Press/A Productivity Press Book, a division of Taylor and Francis. 

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"What if"?      

Are you...... insurance broker, bank or credit union,
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Fire is the number one danger facing a business....a danger than can put them out of business for good. Hurricanes.....tornadoes......severe weather....earthquakes....accidents....what would you do if you couldn't open your doors one day? How would you communicate with employees, customers and vendors? How would you pay your staff.....and your bills? How would you know who owes you money? Where would you work from....and what about desks and computers? How would you restock inventory?

It's said that most businesses that suffer a disaster will never recover. Offer your market something of real value, and get in front of decision makers.

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